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I am being offered a good deal on a plot which is part of a layout or an under-construction flat in an apartment

Promoters would be willing to sell a plot or a flat today at the seemingly low price compared to the earlier market price, however few points to remember…

1) Earlier price was part of the package that includes land, development expenses, marketing expenses, and many more.

If it is being offered at a low price, the customer is still paying for the land and nothing else. The actual plot value would still be way less.

What the customer pays as an opportunity price today, is basically the cashflow solution for the promoter. Plot valuation would only increase if all the developments are completed. That doesn’t seem to happen with the cash coming in for 1 or a few plot sales.

So essentially, the customer is funding the business, buying the plot higher than just the land price itself, with an expectation that the promoter would fulfill his end of developments and then & only them, plot value would appreciate for it to become truly an appreciating asset.

The same is true for under-construction apartments. The ready-to-occupy flat would be a similar scenario in an incomplete apartment building.

We at Homesteads Farmland & Infra Developers have bypassed & mitigated these business models & unhealthy practices to deliver you a true value-for-money investment project.

Remember, ‘Owning land is the keystone of wealth’ & ‘Trying to own something cheap, is suicidal as Quality never comes Cheap’.

We have a few projects that are live with the community focus & secure mid-term & long-term investments.

Kindly feel free to visit our website or call +91 – 965 222 3860 for sensible, secure, affordable, and ever appreciating, Tax-free returns on investment while enjoying the land ownership of a beautiful Farm.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy ‘.

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