Greetings & thank you for your continued association with Homesteads Farmland & Infra Developers.

We hope that this message finds our community in good health & well-being since the Covid-19 pandemic has managed to bring life to a standstill for a couple of months now.

We believe it is time to start looking at the future more so for the sake of the security of ourselves and our next generation. This pandemic has shown us the true power of community living while also highlighting the fact that no one is truly immune in a present-day global community.

These few weeks have shown how fragile our business models are in the face of pandemics & it is time for us to stand up, and take stock of the possibilities & opportunities to move forward with our lives.

COVID-19 will pass, however it has predominantly affected the way society needs to interact & business conducted, thankfully it has only reaffirmed our conviction that Community Oriented business models are a way to move forward & become a self-sufficient society.

We have been working closely with our teams and would soon be launching a couple of projects with a focus on the Farm-to-Fork Model.

Our company-operated farms have started producing natural pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. We will also be launching the delivery of Organic groceries in addition to natural pesticide-free fruits and veggies soon.

We are a highly localized group & our team does not have access to foreign funds. We are completely dependent on our community members for business and your support is the ultimate strength that would help us strengthen the supply chain which includes local farmers.

We assure you that the prices for our products would be competitive, however, this business model needs the support of all our community members to sustain itself.

The best investment avenue continues to be a community-oriented Farmland ownership model which is on track for the standard 20%+ land value appreciation with a scope of further value increase if the Farmlands are developed.

We urge members to not fall prey to the short-term trading strategy of Farmland and instead focus on ROI beyond 12-18 months.

We have a few projects that are available with the community focus & secure mid-term & long-term investments.

Kindly feel free to visit our website or contact us on the number +91 – 965 222 3860 for sensible, secure, affordable, and ever appreciating, Tax-free returns on investment while enjoying the land ownership of a beautiful Farm.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Remember, ‘ Owning land is the keystone of Wealth‘.

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