Alakananda RiverFront TS & AP’s 1st & ONLY Riverfront Gated Community of Villa .PLOTs. on the banks of KRISHNA River!

Why should I buy the farmland?

This question has been answered in detail on our website, however, we felt the need to answer in much detail considering the present-day scenario.

Farmland, though considered an overpriced asset today, they are still a valuable investment compared to alternatives like Housing and Plotting avenues.

Flats – are the best investment if the buyer intends to stay in the flat, otherwise a financially unworthy expense.

ready-to-occupy flats are so costly now that buying them outright is almost impossible. Buyers have to go for long-term loans to purchase and end up paying twice the flat cost.

If purchased as an investment option, Rent doesn’t even cover the EMI. Value appreciation is offset by construction age-related depreciation.

Under Construction, projects would see a delay of 4-6 quarters because of labor issues. Cost over-runs would become a norm and it’s gonna be either a price rise or a quality compromise.

Security is no more a challenge as transaction processing has been more robust while buyers, authorities, and procedures have become more diligent, so flat, plots or farmland are all secure to purchase.

Independent House – Good for investment, 6-8 times the flat cost covering a similar area in a similar locality.

Plots – it was considered a good option for small budget buyers with plotting projects nr. the city and the possibility of residential occupation soon.

These days, the plotting projects are as costly as flats & there is a huge unsold inventory while being located too far away with no logical possibility of these converting to residential occupation anytime soon.

The cost is almost 4-5 times the actual Farmland purchase cost which includes roads, commission for agents, profits for promoters, and a whole lot of hidden expenses.

Then there are permission issues as the land around Hyderabad town is either a conservation zone (111 GO) or an Industrial zone ( Pharma City) etc.

We believe plotting projects with the current business model are too far & too expensive for any material growth against rupee value investment…

Farmland – still Affordable yet ever appreciating, generating alternative tax-free income while having no actual impact because of COVID-19 or any other pandemics, an ideal entertainment avenue for weekend gatherings with family beating the COVID-19 risk.

Farmland is no farther away, almost all the farmlands offered are about 1-2 hours drive from the city, compared to a similar time to drive across the 2 corners within the city.

With the Telangana land survey done, the issue of security & title disputes was addressed for good, once & for all.

Away from the city, closer to nature, minimal risk of getting infected with this Inhuman virus which does not differentiate between rich, poor, or middle class.

With social distancing in city restaurants, and malls being affected, the movie-going experience is risky & dining outside is a challenge, nothing guarantees a risk-free leisure experience. Except, for a visit to your own farm with family and friends.

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