Sathwik Mantra - DTCP Approved Layout nr. Konda Pochamma Temple

Greetings & thank you for your continued association with Homesteads Farmland & Infra Developers.

We sincerely hope that this Covid-19 pandemic passes off without further damage to our community. These are testing times for us both as a civic community & as a thriving economy. We are confident that this phase would also pass like other medical emergencies.

On the work front, we have seen farmland prices appreciate, banks collapse, Gold collapse & investor wealth eroded from the stock market for individuals, SIP’s & Mutual funds.

Analysts expect a recovery in 3-4 quarters for the financial sector and this has once again proved farmland to be the best investment avenue.

We have learned from credible sources that land prices in Telangana would be revised starting from farmlands. This would increase the CARD value of the land & further increase the land ownership cost.

With Lacs of unsold ready to occupy flats & plots, the rupee value appreciation seems to be a far cry.

The best investment avenue continues to be a community-oriented Farmland ownership model which is on track for the standard 20% land value appreciation with a scope of further value increase if the Farmlands are developed.

We urge members to not fall prey to the short-term trading strategy of Farmland and instead focus on ROI beyond 12-18 months.

We have a few projects that are live with the community focus & secure mid-term & long-term investments.

Kindly feel free to visit our website or call +91 – 965 222 3860 for sensible, secure, affordable, and ever appreciating, Tax-free returns on investment while enjoying the land ownership of a beautiful Farm.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Remember, ‘ Owning land is the keystone of Wealth ‘.

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